Versa Designed Surfaces Introduces Suite of Flexible Wall Protection


Versa Designed Surfaces introduces Versa Wall Protection, an advanced suite of flexible wall products with three levels of protection the specifier can choose depending on the project’s needs and budget. Versa Impact, the highest level, is a one-of-a-kind surface that is made for the wall but performs like a floor. Its layered construction is similar to luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, with each layer providing maximum durability and resistance to impacts, abrasions and staining. VersaGuard, the second option for wall protection, is a Type III flexible wall surface with enhanced durability and performance against punctures, scratches and stains. Engineered to perform in high-traffic corporate, healthcare, retail and hospitality environments, both products shield walls from the impact of rolling traffic and are chemically resistant to soiling and tough stains such as mustard, grease, ink and iodine. Versa Shield is Type II wall protection with a protective layer to provide enhanced chemical resistance and cleanabilty. Versa Shield is affordable,with long lasting performance for high traffic areas.

Versa Impact Like LVT for the Wall

Versa Impact derives its durability from a layered composition and proprietary wear layer that is similar to LVT construction. Unique to the wall protection category, the permanent wear layer resists repeated abuse and safeguards long-lasting good looks. Versa Impact resists food service stains such as juice, ketchup and mustard, medical spills of Betadine and iodine, as well as oil, grease, sharpie markers and hand sanitizer. It also withstands repeated contact by housekeeping and medical carts, luggage, desk chairs, wheelchairs and gurneys. It is more durable than Type II wallcovering, while offering the same aesthetic beauty. The flexible product arrives on a roll, making it easier to install than rigid panels and can be used on columns and curved walls.

VersaGuard 4x More Durable than Wallcovering

VersaGuard provides a second selection for wall protection. It is four times more resistant to punctures and tears than Type II wallcovering. The heavy-duty 33 oz. vinyl construction and durable protective top film provide an attractive wall surface that is highly resistant to soiling and tough stains. When cleaning is needed, stringent agents such as bleach or rubbing alcohol can be used, making it ideal for spaces with demanding sanitation needs.

Versa Designed Surfaces thoroughly researched patterns and colors for Versa Wall Protection to create a variety of designs and extensive color palette with wide application. All products in Versa Wall Protection can be installed vertically or railroaded under chair rails for a seamless appearance. VersaGuard also can be customized for any project.

Both products are low-VOC, meet CA 01350 and are Class A fire-rated. In addition, VersaGuard contains 30% recycled content and is certified to NSF 342. Versa Designed Surfaces is the only wall surface manufacturer to offer a two-product suite of flexible wall protection that allows

specifiers to select the performance characteristics, price point and look that best suit their projects.

The Versa Wall Protection products are available exclusively in the U.S. through Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering and in Canada through Metro Wallcoverings. For more information, go to

More about Versa Wallcovering

Versa Wallcovering (​​) is known for award-winning designs, highly textural embossings, premium quality and on-time delivery. Versa Wallcovering is a brand of Versa Designed Surfaces. Based in New Albany, IN, Versa Designed Surfaces creates and commercializes smart technologies that add value, style, performance and sustainability to interior surface products. With R&D expertise spanning more than 60 years, the company claims a rich history of technological innovation. One of the largest commercial wallcovering manufacturers in the world, Versa Designed Surfaces supplies more than 3,000 wall products to more than 70 countries around the globe.

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