The Global Design and Sustainability Leader

As a leader in sustainability for the industry, Versa Designed Surfaces has been in business for over 65 years. Versa was one of the first manufacturers to switch to all water-based inks, the first manufacturer to develop a recycling program, and the first manufacturer to certify to the NSF 342 Sustainability Standard. In keeping with our own standards, Versa Designed Surfaces continues to develop industry-leading wallcoverings, wall-protection materials and new substrates.

Versa Designed Surfaces is recognized internationally for textural embossings, upscale patterns and premium quality. Designs achieve true timelessness that pay homage to the past while offering an unexpected wink toward the future.

Versa Designed Surfaces invests in aesthetics and technical innovations that set its wallcoverings apart, and are recognized for their detail, dimensionality and distinctive finishes. By experimenting with new, innovative color development, including metallic and pearlized inks combined in new and exciting ways, Versa’s designers draw from their extensive industry experience to innovate fresh aesthetics and inspired color palettes that is enabled with cutting-edge technology.

From custom colorations or tweaking standard designs, to conceptualizing new designs for one-of-a-kind projects, Versa Designed Surfaces’ full-service custom studio is at your service.