inVinci Wallcovering harnesses art and technology to create one-of-a-kind textures, intriguing embossings and multi-faceted prints that bring sophistication and originality to your projects. From subtle textile effects to dramatic finishes, this new, expansive collection delivers the right aesthetics to achieve your design vision. Choose from a wide range of patterns with inspired multi-color effects and various inks in matte and metallic to create unique finishes. Peruse reflective embossings that change appearance in different lighting and from different perspectives.

inVinci blends fresh, sometimes unexpected design elements with classic motifs, to fashion wallcoverings that will stand the test of time for any interior space.

Choose from a range of textile patterns which project the luxury of silk, the warmth of cotton, and the refinement of linen.

Current yet classic, inVinci Wallcovering offers designs to stand the test of time.

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